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  • We believe public relations is still in its infancy period in our country. Our vision is to think globally and our mission is to execute locally so that we can enhance the standards of this industry in our country

  • It is all about having a holistic content strategy and then execute it. We develop involving contents and select the engaging platforms to build inbound way of marketing instead of you attacking them by outbound method

  • We have developed an intelligent online media monitoring system which enables our clients to have a all kind of monitoring reports from daily to quarterly and from an ad-hoc one to a full analytical and statistical survey

  • We have a wide-range portfolio of events organization experience. We strategize it, plan it, execute it and then meter it with the pre-defined KPIs. Our major expertise is focused on media events

Who We are

Our Team

We are a team which never stop looking forward

  • Mojtaba Mahmoudi

    Today, winning is about telling relevant and engaging stories. We are expert in creating proactive, original and irresistible content by which our client’s voice really is really heard. We make a multi-channel communications for our client to absorb and engage communities in an inbound way.

  • Hamidreza Nikdel

    In PorseshPR It is all about an ‘I’ which is Impress. By impressing our target audiences they think about our message. Thinking is the trigger of the everything and Everything starts with an ‘E’ which is Engaging. By engaging the target audiences in our message then a ‘C’ is appeared which is Change. Yes! Our Core objective is Change.

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